Al-Jazeera Pharmaceutical  Industries  Company.

Baghdad – Iraq

About JPI

Aljazeera is a private company specialized in pharmaceutical industries that produce several products with high quality to the Iraqi market.  With a history of more than 16 years, we are a trusted manufacturer with an exclusive sales center called Alsahil with a reputation for good quality.  As a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, we have a long-established customer-centered approach to developing, producing, marketing and commercializing high-quality affordable medicines and wellness consumer products in emerging markets.

Aljazeera company possesses a high-performance business drive combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all management, development, production, technology, marketing and commercial teams and business functions. 

 JPI is an Iraqi company specialized in the production of a wide range of medicines with several dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, sachet and suppositories.  

Our commitments

As a staff of Aljazeera company we committed to provide the best pharmaceutical products for our national and international costumers and we always want our products to be your first choice.


Our motto is:

Your family’s health is our first concern